Friday, February 8, 2008

Flea Market's Second Run

The weeks after South Park Flea Market's inaugural run were tough: it was canceled due to
Weather, Super Bowl and pure frustration!
(as stated in their weekly newsletter. I highly recommend joining the mailing list for the latest updates on whether the Flea Market is on or not. Hopefully there will be more "on" than "not" notices.)

This Sunday, February 10th, will see the Market's return to 8th & Grand for its second run. I sincerely hope that nothing comes up in the next few days to impede this. The sun has been out all week and it looks like the warm streak is going to continue through the weekend. Ah, Southern California winter-- it never wants to last too long.

If you are in Downtown this weekend, please strongly consider at least dropping by the Flea Market to take a gander at all the fun, eclectic goods offered by the vendors. I'm crossing my fingers for more food vendors than the lone, albeit impressive barbecue stand, but I won't be too disappointed if there aren't; the lemonade and the pulled-pork sandwich I had last time were delicious.

Since my social life had been taking me down to Orange County for the past four weekends, I am happy that I have this to look forward to for my first Sunday in Downtown in a month!

South Park Flea Market

8th & Grand

I plan on taking the Dash, and you can use the Metro website to find out whether public transit is possible. If you will be driving, there should be ample (and free) street parking within a block of the Market.

$2 entrance fee, $1 with a flyer

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