Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Beautiful Day at the Flea Market

The turnout for the second-ever South Park Flea Market was sparse once again, but the vendors were still friendly and enthusiastic. Most everyone seemed to be in generally good spirits-- I'm sure that we were all half-delirious from the bright, eighty-degree weather. (I have to admit that I was absurdly happy to be able to wear flip-flops out!)

Fat Sam's barbecue stand was once again the lone food vendor-- not ideal but certainly was not a problem. Their ice-cold lemonade was exactly right for a day like today. We just have to figure out a way to get them to start using paper cups instead of styrofoam.

Food vendors are a key component in any outdoor market event; we'll know that SPFM is in good shape when more appear.

One of the first encounters I had at the flea market (other than the lemonade from the BBQ stand) was with this beauty from Bark Avenue.

Bark Avenue is a dog and cat boarding company just south of Downtown which also has a nonprofit arm called the Bark Avenue Foundation. The organization seeks to end pet overpopulation as well as place stray cats and dogs into homes. I visited their facility a couple of weeks after meeting Dawn Vargas, their Feline Specialist, at the first Market. Watch out for this tent if you're a cat-lover: Dawn brings along her rescues and you run a serious risk of feline seduction.

The total number of vendors was sparse, but there was still a variety of people selling books, clothing, records, candles, furniture-- all of the things that you would want to see at a flea market. We just need to make sure we keep coming out every Sunday to let it be known that we want SPFM to become a permanent fixture in Downtown.

More of my photos of the flea market can be found on Flickr.

8th & Grand (entrance is closer to Olive)

A meandering path on foot, from Main & 18th to 8th & Grand, dragging along a friend from Orange County foolish enough to visit on a Sunday

Entrance: Free (this time)
Lemonade: $2.00
Merchandise: $3.00
Total: $5.00

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