Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coffee & Donuts I

I love taking detours on my morning commute and discovering things on the new path that I would never have come across otherwise.

I came across bright Ollin Cafe on one such detour last week. It was refreshing to see a bright cafe like this so far south of Downtown or Koreatown and north of USC. They serve decent Gavina coffee, and the inside is welcoming. I passed by the place at about 8PM on Friday and it was closed so I am guessing that this will be a day-time destination only until they gain more business and/or the neighborhood becomes more welcoming to it. It looks like with some time and support it could become my South of Downtown-equivalent of my beloved Antigua Cultural Coffeehouse in East LA.

This particular donut shop has become a weekly stop for me since I dropped in and bought a chocolate-glazed twist a couple of weeks ago while waiting for the Dunn-Edwards across the street to finish mixing paint for work.

I had a minor moment of revelation upon biting into that donut: it was ethereal and tender, and I had never before had a twist with anything other than a regular glaze or just sugar. I could have eaten ten of them.

Thursday breakfast indulgence (please ignore the office supplies in the background):

That raisin-custard roll was perfectly cooked. A rarity.

Ollina Cafe
1325 Venice Blvd.

King Donuts
1955 S. Hoover St.

Cost Summary:
Coffee: $1.00
Donut: $1.35
Total: $2.35

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