Monday, February 18, 2008

Favourite Place: Central Library

The first time I visited Central Library was four years ago, and until I moved nearer to Downtown, it had remained a distant and fond memory. Now it is often where I begin my excursions around Downtown if it is not the destination itself.

It is easy to hop on the DASH F Line, walk up
those steps and take in the skeletal sculptures, the foreign languages engraved on the steps, the trees and benches and pigeons.

I could wander through the place for hours and often do. There is always something new to see, such as the current exhibit in the library's first floor gallery: Leo Politi's Bunker Hill. I love the way the vast center of the library is flooded with natural light and looking at these sculptures above me as I ride the escalators down.

I usually enter and exit the library on Flower Street, but the last time I was there I discovered that the Hope Street exit is quite lovely as well. I sat on the wide wall at the entrance and read with the company of kumquat trees. It was the perfect way to enjoy the unseasonably warm winter day. I had to suppress the urge to eat one of those kumquats; I probably looked out of place enough sitting on that wall without devouring the shrubbery.

Central Library
630 W. 5th Street


  1. Oh, the Central Library is a V.S.P to me. (Very Special Place).

    And to think that it almost burned down.

  2. I heard that it happened twice and was arson??

    Poor Central Libary.