Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Brewery Art Colony

I had no idea that this place existed until Angelenic announced The Brewery Art Walk this week.

I did some poking around online and found this YouTube video about the colony:

Very cool. Seems like a Bobo's Paradise.

Brewery Art Walk Spring 2008
2100 N. Main Street @ Avenue 20
Los Angeles, CA 90031

April 5-6
"Free parking, free admission, no excuses."


  1. The Brewery is awesome but I stopped attending it. Why?

    I rode my bike there couple of years ago and the "Free Parking promotion" and their driving directions on their website and in newspapers clogged up the parking lot, the neighborhood, and the air that we breath.

    I have asked them for two years now to put on their directions page transit directions and to also post to encourage cycling to their events. But they are not doing it.

  2. I'm disappointed to hear that-- it seems antithetical for an artist colony not to be more encouraging of alternative transit.