Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shots from Earth Day South LA // So much goodness

Earth Day South LA was utterly wonderful. I was so glad to be there for the early part of it, and to watch it fill up with people and energy until I had to leave at 1pm. If you didn't make it, click here to see all that you missed.
CSU-made jam, grapefruit-marmalade, & tomato sauce! 4/14/12
CSU has a program called Tree Of Life Harvesting Corps, which is a group of people who venture out into the neighborhood and harvest fruit from local trees which would otherwise go to waste. Glorious.
Jackie and son.
I ran into a LA Community Organizing Academy classmate and her son, who were tabling for the University Muslim Medical Association Community Clinic.
Earth Day stage.
Normandie Avenue School has so much wonderful painting on its walls. Important to have the colors and images to compensate the dreary design of most Southern California schools.
Solo and Dwayne of Earlez Grille serving up veggie dogs & chili.
Did I mention this was a vegetarian event?
I want more bike-powered appliances.
CSU volunteers at the Food Not Bombs tent.
Delicious menu.
One of the new murals in the making.
Sachiko cultivating the next-generation green thumb.
Briana gave me tons of interesting info about the Natural History Museum and  LA Green Grounds
N'koli and I had a great conversation about the importance of gardening.
I was taken by this mural in particular when I first visited the school for the outreach day. There's another lovely mural of Mother Earth on the other side of this wall which I neglected to take a picture of. Shame.
Trees and buildings mural.
Another mural in progress. 4/14/12
Normandie Reading Grove. Oh, my heart.
Poetry workshop by Street Poets educator & hip hop artist Chirag
Very photogenic.
Real Rydaz made my day. Hope I can make it to the Peace, Love & Family Ride on July 1.
Real Rydaz made the most badass entrance I've seen in a long time. Acrobatic bikes, and Rydaz talking about health issues in the community. Wonder if they've ever heard Beach Cruisin'.
It was such a warm, engaging event. I'm looking forward to exploring all the connections I made that day. And there are dreams brewing of 2013 seeing Earth Day Boyle Heights, Earth Day East LA, Earth Day Every Day.