Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Pant Leg Chalk Bag: 6 Months Later

I've been using my DIY Denim Pant Leg Chalk Bag for about 6 months and I thought I'd share some of my revisions to my pretty-flawed original design. In hindsight, the safety pins and carabiner were really, really silly. My bag is much simpler now.
I ditched the carabiner I was using to attach it to my harness and threaded the shoelace through the holes instead. I can just barely tie it around my waist, which is good enough for me. It ends up being pretty high, but I haven't had any trouble so far. It's much nicer than having to reach down low for it as I did when it was to my harness.
There was really no point in cinching it closed rather than just tying it closed. Like most chalkbags, a little chalk puffs out no matter how well it seems closed.

Inside is my DIY chalk ball (another thing I couldn't see myself buying), made from a length of panty hose that got a run in it. Cut off the foot about 6-7 inches from the end. Stuff with chalk chunks to desired fullness. Stretch the hose and tie. Easy! It will probably be a little messy to refill, but since I don't use much chalk, I haven't had to deal with it yet. I like stuffing it with chunks of solid chalk blocks because I like squishing the ball and feeling the chunks break. It's the simple pleasures.

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