Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time-Lapse is Not Just for Nature Shots

It's also for LA Asian American arts communities making a natural habitat in front of a church converted into a theater and arts center. Beautiful time-lapse photography of the June 5th Tuesday Night Cafe, from set-up to clean-up, by Ant Barrerra of Fistic Soul (a.k.a. long-time TNC sound engineer a.k.a. cool dad a.k.a. stylish downtown resident):

If you look closely at the sidewalk on the left, you can see me zip in and park my bike 'round 8pm, and zip out again at 9pm to catch the last Gardena 1X home. 
TNC still feels like home, though it's been nearly a year since I ran around as Stage Manager/Co-Producer. Such a magical, intimate space (intimacy and cliquey-ness can be mistaken for each other; when I first arrived, I observed it as the former and thought
Cool, a place where people don't act like strangers and have obvious history/chemistry with one other). 

Here is a terribly incomplete list of some of the folks currently making the magic happen and where they putter on the internet! Go look! I do. Often...maybe too often?