Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Andrew Figueroa Chiang is a Blazing Ray Of The Sun

Twitter's #MusicMonday is over, but I had to share this recent post from Andrew Figueroa Chiang about his growth as a musician: Time is a Healer

He is releasing his first EP next Monday, December 13th. The post is about what the process leading up to this has meant to him and how his music has been affected. One of the things that comes through most, to me, his sincerity:
In many ways, I’m glad that it’s taken this long to release my first album. From the time I started playing music to this very day, I have been developing into a more consummate performer, musician, listener, band leader, and recording artist. These days, I am learning always.
And with time, I have gained experience. This summer’s tour and the months leading up to it were extremely important to my growth as a musician. I spent the greater part of my life playing music in those days and have learned things that only consistent experience can teach.I’ve also gained knowledge and mentors. 
Albert and Brendan have been instrumental to my recent development as an artist. Trustworthy and knowledgeable ears and constructive criticism are key to forward progression. And noticeable progress won’t happen in one session or a single day. It definitely takes time.
And perhaps most importantly, time has allowed me to live life — to experience the ups and downs and everything in between.
As a songwriter and performer, I try to access the deep parts of my psyche — parts that are overly joyful, and others that are broken, dark, and tumultuous. I pull these pieces from inside my soul to inhabit the notes I sing and the lyrics I write. And I think it’s impossible to truly find these places without first experiencing the emotional edges of life.
I first heard Andrew perform at Tuesday Night Cafe just over two years ago. At the time, I was already impressed by his spark, his energy, his humor, and his talent. A few weeks ago, I got to see him onstage at Puka Bar for David Tran aka Applesauce's farewell party. He owned the stage and our hearts. I danced hard, could not stop smiling, and just felt happy. He is just an amazing performer. I've never seen anyone so consistently make up hilarious songs with audience input on the fly. I saw him captivate the audience yet again with his 4 songs at Azusa Pacific University APASO's Coffeehouse last Friday.

If you have the chance, bring the man out to perform. He really wants to. In fact, he plans to. Toss him some cash if you see him playing on a street corner. Write him into your university Asian American culture celebration program funding proposals. Invite him to your open mic night. Hug him. He also enjoys high-fives.

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