Monday, October 13, 2008

Dine 'til Nine at City Thai

Thai food within easy biking distance of my apartment?! Thank you, City Thai.

It's hard to miss the bright orange awning that appeared a few months ago on Hill Street between 7th and 8th. City Thai caught my eye for various reasons: it sits far south of most other Thai places that serve the downtown area, it dares to be large and bright in an area that has little development, and it's open until 9PM daily. There is practically no restaurant so far south of downtown that stays open that late so I feel even more motivated to support this place.

Fruit for sale is on display in the front window and there are plenty of large, clear photos of the menu items on the walls inside. My friend is a vegetarian and they had no problem substituting tofu for meat in both the green curry and the pad-see-ew. The capsaicin levels in the food were greatly tuned down and the flavors were a bit muted compared to what I am used to, but I'll definitely give this place another try. (I must give the disclaimer that I like my spicy food to be so spicy it hurts-- along the lines of too-much-of-Philippe's-spicy-mustard kind of pain.) According to the sticker in their window, LA Downtown News declared City Thai the Editor's pick for Best Thai Food in 2008. I look forward to heading over there again (sometime after 7pm and before 9pm) to try the "City Thai fried rice" mentioned in LA Downtown News' initial review of the place.

City Thai
726 S. Hill St.


  1. mmm..girl your making me
    I definitely gonna stop by this week for lunch or early dinner.
    I love me my spicy gotta get that "sock it to me " punch.
    I want some of that fried rice with Shrimp :).. and good that they got a..."A" grade too, though it is "at the time of inspection"
    thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't like eating from anyplace downtown, but I guess I could try this place. I did enjoy the Soul Food restaurant you reviwed. Also have you tried Sip Tea yet? Well, it's open now. I haven't had the time to try it.

  3. I passed by SipTea the other day and wanted to try it but I'd already gotten my fix at Lost Souls. I'll find my way there eventually. Potentially terribly sad news about Jean P's-- last week I peeked in and it was being completely demolished inside. The workers didn't seem to know whether it was just a remodeling or whether the place is gone. Ahhh.

  4. Oh no, I kept telling myself that i was going to go back :(