Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ride Against Hate

Thank you, Metro, for the inspiration for this (quick and dirty) graphic:

Ride Against Hate
A moving rally through the street of Orange County to get people to vote NO on Prop 4, 6, and 8.

November 2, 2008

Starting point: TBD location, Irvine, CA
Time: 10:30AM

End point: TBD location, Westminster, CA
Time: ~ 4:00PM

Bring your bike. Your passion. Your voice.

Prop 4: "Prop 4 threatens teen safety by mandating parental notification prior to a minor terminating a pregnancy."

Prop 6: Diverts funding from education to law enforcement, would allow courts to try 14-year-olds as adults.

Prop 8: Bans same-sex marriage. If passed, it would be the first law in California history to eliminate rights.

I'm still putting together the details. Let me know if you want to help map out the route. These props affect all of us. It doesn't matter which one you stand for most.

Let's stand-- and ride-- together.

Bring signs, stickers, flags, water bottles.

We'll stop and rest when folks need to, check out some places of interest along the way (suggestions are welcome), talk to people who want to know more about the props and what we're doing, and get acquainted with the places that we whiz by when we take the 405/73/5 freeways.

Wear your favorite shade of green or blue.

It's going to be awesome.


November 4th:
Bike to your polling place and VOTE!

I hope that those who are abroad were able to get a hold of absentee ballots!


So far 40 people have RSVP'd over Facebook saying that they will attend. I am not sure how many are actually coming and how many mean that they will be there in spirit. I did a test-ride today from Irvine to Santa Ana and will be doing another test ride the day before to finalize the route. The ride will be approximately 30 miles long, with rest stops along the way.

More details forthcoming. Please feel free to spread the word and/or email me with questions.

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  1. my gf told me about a bike ride like this may be it??

    i wanna go. we're both planning on it.

    details plz? =]