Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring Craft Fair at Temescal Brewing, May 20, 12-6PM

I intended to participate in a craft fair supporting Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries back in December, but a car accident kept me in Los Angeles that week.

Luckily, Stephanie of Monarch kindly invited me again to participate in a craft fair fundraiser, this time at Temescal Brewing!

I have a great love for libraries, which have been a home for me from childhood to my present days wandering in different towns and cities. I'm looking forward to supporting the organization, meeting other makers, and inviting folks to #touchmypottery. 

My desire to have folks handle my pots before taking them home is not scalable in this online-shopping-loving world, but it feels right to me to work this way. And, as I've said before, even when not "making a living," I somehow continue to be alive.
All the practical matters somehow fall into place. And as I get older, those practical matters pull more and more at my consciousness, making me wonder whether I'm doing it all wrong, whether this path is hopeless. Yet I also know that the only way to find out whether something can work, whether something can exist, is to try and make it so.

So, here goes.
Craft Fair
fundraiser for Oakland Public School Libraries

May 20, 12-6pm
Temescal Brewing
4115 Telegraph (look for the pink side door)


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