Friday, March 21, 2014

Vote for the First Female Mr. Hyphen!

Last year I had the pleasure of watching Sean win $2,000 for Tuesday Night Project. This year I hope to see Allison grace the stage as the first female Mr. Hyphen, and win $2,000 for That's What She Said!
In less than 24 hours the voting for Hyphen magazine’s Mr. Hyphen will be over. This is the last chance to get your votes in and support me into becoming one of the top 5 finalists to have a chance of winning $2,000 for Pearl Girls Productions’ That’s What She Said Webseries. Not only that but I would be creating new possibilities with being the first female Mr. Hyphen in the history of EVER!
Please vote, share the links with your networks and let me be YOUR Mr. Hyphen 2014!
You can vote here:
And here. Just click on the link and LIKE my video to vote:

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