Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for a Change

It's been 4 years since I changed the header on this blog. Actually, I haven't changed the header since my very first year blogging. (At the time, I think the word "blog" made me cringe a bit.)

The first header was a photo of a woman wheat-pasted on one of the 10 freeway's pillars:
The next one came just a few months later, and it was a photo of a sculpture at the San Pedro Blue Line Station:
I became very familiar with in 2008 from many trips to Long Beach to hang out with One Imagination folks.

This new image is one taken by my friend Kevin while we took a long walk around Gardena, down Vermont Avenue and eastward along train tracks last July. In it, my head has a few weeks' worth of growth of hair after I shaved off my longer-than-shoulder-length locks for the first time, ever:
It's a fitting moment for this change; I've been living in Gardena for over a year now. And the original URL of this blog makes for a much more sensible title now than "South of Downtown," as my writing here (as well as my life) continues to shift and change and transition. 

I am embracing the arrival of a time of change as I scoot within a month of my 27th birthday. Let's go. And let's keep it simple.

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