Monday, January 11, 2010

El Sereno Branch Library

I've written many times about my appreciation for Central Library in Downtown, but I've neglected to give any branch libraries love. Let's right that wrong.

When I lived in El Sereno, I used to pass El Sereno Branch Library all the time, but I never made use of the facility. I always admired the building while on my way to somewhere else. 

I hung out there tonight while waiting to meet a fellow LA blogger for dinner over at A Taste of Brazil.

Neighborhood branch libraries are nothing like university libraries. Instead of a bunch of college students poring over their books, ensconced in their research, cramming for exams while guzzling Red Bull, there are kids getting help with their homework, working on group projects, learning to read for the first time. There's so much life.

I'm the kind that doesn't mind a little chaos around me while I work, I suppose. And as much as children scare me, they always give me a reason to smile, too.

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