Thursday, April 16, 2009

Announcement Regarding Car-Freedom

Dear folks,

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must announce that I am actively seeking to end my car-freedom.

Since returning from my travels and relocating to Bellflower, the car-free life has become considerably more difficult. All of the things that I thought that I would be able to overcome-- the lack of transit service, the distance between places I need to go, the time issues-- have proven too much for me.

I got rid of my car because I felt that for car-free life to work in Los Angeles, there just had to be enough people who were willing to do it, to make the city change. LA's sprawl means that living outside of Downtown or Santa Monica is considerably more difficult to get where I need to go.

Of course, I plan to keep driving to a minimum and to favor cycling and public transit as my means of transportation.

To all the car-free folks: I am humbled by you.

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