Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Joint Downstairs: El Sombrero Restaurant

Looking for a Mexican restaurant with $1.25 soft carne asada tacos, an offering of assorted beers, leather booths, soccer on the television, and a jukebox filled with Spanish-language music? This is the place to go.

That is, if you can catch it when it's open. There have been some weekend nights that I've walked by at midnight and seen it closed, some weekday nights that it's been open.

The place is usually fairly empty, but after eating there on Monday night, I know it's certainly not because of the food. Admittedly, it's not that easy to mess up a carne asada taco but there are places that have certainly done it. We even got free chips with an excellent homemade salsa.

I will probably end up funneling my spare change into supporting this place by purchasing tacos there as often as I can. I just hope they stay open and by some miracle start posting their hours.

El Sombrero Restaurant
1825 S. Main St.

Walk downstairs, exit front door, turn right, walk about 4 yards.

Cost Summary:
2 tacos: $2.50
Can of Sunkist soda: $1
Tip: $1
Total: $4.50


  1. I want someee, tell me how the burritos are! Do they have menudo?

  2. I'll try a burrito on your behalf one day, but you're going to have to come up here and try the menudo yourself.