Thursday, January 16, 2014

JTreeTweetUp 5 // Dayshots

During my first JTreeTweetUp in 2012, it was below thirty degrees both of the nights I joined the group. Our water froze in our tents. Thankfully, this past JTreeTweetUp had much milder weather (as well as some generous sponsorship from FiveTen and GoalZero). 

Some very belated photos from the trip:

This bee found its way into my friend's can of coconut water... then into her mouth. She spat it out, and after it dried our for a minute, flew away. Lucky bee.

At the top of the Thin Wall formation at Real Hidden Valley.

Cute baby joshua tree. 

Ramsel onsighting White Lightning.

Kelly pulling one of the hard moves on heady The Cornerstone.

Kelly at the top of The Cornerstone after his triumphant (had us all holding our breath) onsight.

Final dawn at Hidden Valley Campground.

Ivy ready to go home.
I did a lot of top-roping this trip, but I lead a couple of climbs on pre-placed gear, and red-pointed Butterfingers, which made me happy enough to finally buy my first cam. Hmm, I wonder whether Metolius would be interested in sponsoring the next JTreeTweetUp... Only 11 months to go!

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