Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dispatch from Cambodia, 5 // Olympic Stadium

My aunt speaks wistfully of the days when Olympic Stadium was surrounding by a vast field of grass, and the insides were shining and new, ten years before the Khmer Rouge took over the country. 

Phnom Penh is crowded, dusty, and traffic is chaotic, so it's been hard to muster motivation to explore. I'm not sure whether I would have visited this architectural must-see had I not been searching the internet for rock climbing in Cambodia and heard that a small bouldering wall had been installed here.
It's free to enter on foot, 1000 riel (about 25 cents) to enter with a car or motorbike. 
I spied the bouldering wall right as I walked to the stadium.

People walk or run round and round the field, up and down the stands, and inside.

People play soccer on the pavement outside the field; I suppose the grassy field inside is reserved for official games.
Along the upper walkway, various groups hold aerobics/dance sessions in the evening.

The wall gets a good breeze in January.
Trying out the holds.
Sunset atop the Stadium.
Be sure to pick up this carb-tastic sticky-rice/crepe/coconut dessert on your way out.

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