Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Denim Pant Leg Chalk Bag

[Edit 2012-04-16: I simplified this bag a lot over the next six months.]

The original plan was to use an old Crown Royale bag, but I left the bag at a friend's house, so I went searching around the internet for other ideas.

I ended up combining these tutorials:
Donn Morrison - How to make a chalk bag

The denim's great because the seams help keep the bag stiff and open. The problem is it doesn't cinch very tightly. I should probably make a lining out of an old t-shirt or fleece or something, but, eh. My sewing ambition only comes in small bursts, and this bag works just fine. Yay DIY!

(Note: The safety pins popped out when I fell and skidded on the mat. Oops. I knotted the string and put the carabiner through that instead. To be real, I'm probably never going to make legit straps for it. Shrug.)