Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Chapbook, "Tracing Steps" is at Skylight Books!

In addition to Bejeweled Blitz, Tuesday Night Project, That's What She Said Web Series, and a variety of part-time jobs and gigs, I also write.

Mostly I write with The Undeniables, a small press and online writers workshop that is dually-based in Los Angeles & Chicago with writing participants from all over the world. I've been participating since May 2008. In late 2009, a friend and I challenged each other to put together chapbooks by November as our payment for a series of workshops we attended called A Piece of Art for Peace of Mind.

She finished hers according to the deadline. I did not. It took me until last March to finally finish it. Four months late is better than never, yes? Yes.

During one of the writers workshop's two-month sessions, I chose to write creative nonfiction about family and my experience as a Khmer-American both here and in Cambodia. I found that I had enough pieces to tell a sort of story, and I put together Tracing Steps. After fumbling with the printing process on an inkjet printer and monopolizing the extended stapler at the local Office Depot, I put together a run of the chapbooks. I debuted it at One Imagination's Break The Silence Open Mic (and had a great time).

Then, was kind enough to allow me to post my chapbook as a Daily Deal and to carry some of the books.

Last week, Skylight Books agreed to carry (on consignment) copies of my chapbook. It was exciting to go to the store and see it barcoded and everything:

Please forgive the poor quality of this very very very old camera-phone.

So if you happen to wander over to Skylight Books, you can find Tracing Steps over in the corner on the chapbook cart and take a look. And, if you feel like it, buy a copy. :n)

Next up: Downtown's The Last Bookstore. They hold a monthly chapbook-sharing event called "The Last Chapbook Project" on 3rd Sundays. Lots of books for $5 and under and a little table in the back where, during an Artwalk, I met someone in the middle of rolling cigarettes (regular ones). I like it.

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