Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Healthcare 4/27 - 5/3: Remote Area Medical Los Angeles 2010

Remote Area Medical was in Inglewood last year-- and they'll be back in Los Angeles April 27-May 3! Free vision, dental, & medical exams at LA Sports Arena. For the RAM LA website, click here.

Please let any health professionals you may know that they are looking for volunteers!

Press release:
On April 27 – May 3, 2010, Remote Area Medical (RAM) will provide free
medical, dental and vision care to thousands of needy individuals in the Los
Angeles area. The free clinic will be held at Los Angeles Sports Arena
located at 3939 North Figueroa Street , near USC.  1,200 people a day will
be treated—possibly more depending on the final number of volunteers and
participating organizations. The event is planned and operated by Remote
Area Medical, a Volunteer 501(c)(3) charity providing free care to
uninsured, underinsured, and indigent Individuals throughout the United
States.  For more information visit:

Free care will be provided to anyone who needs it, without cost of any kind
to the patient, the taxpayer or the government. There is no income test, no
insurance requirement, and no restriction of any kind. Medical and
non-medical personnel will all be volunteers; supplies and equipment will be
donated or provided by RAM. There will be at least 100 dental stations, 45
medical exam rooms, 25 eye exam stations. Dentistry will include cleanings,
extractions, fillings, restorative procedures and root canals. Prescription
eye glasses will be ground and fitted on-site. Minor dermatological and
other medical procedures will be performed. Pediatricians and pediatric
dentists will be present. Follow-up care will be arranged for those who need
it, with most referrals to private sector practices and facilities.

There will be a strong emphasis on education, prevention and self-care.
Mammography, pap smears, chest x-rays, and diabetes screening, blood
pressure screening, and other services will be provided. Healthcare
foundations and agencies will also distribute patient education materials.
RAM/LA is a large undertaking, on a scale to make a significant difference
in this time of great and urgent need. Success is achieved through medical
and non-medical volunteers, local healthcare organizations, equipment and
supply donors, and others who contribute their time, talents and resources.

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