Monday, May 19, 2008

Hang In There, Megabus!

Utterly horrible news: is making moves to stop service out of Los Angeles.

This news is particularly devastating to me because Megabus made it affordable for me to pay frequent visits to dear friends in San Francisco-- I've used Megabus twice since finding out about it in February and was planning on using it again for a trip in June. The most recent LA Times article states that Megabus will be abandoning Los Angeles altogether on June 22nd. (How am I supposed to get to Pride!?)

I wish that Megabus would just hold out a little bit longer and give Angelenos more time to get with the program. My last venture to the Bay Area cost $22.50 roundtrip. Yes, there is always the possibility of carpooling, but why cram into a car and force one of your friends to cope with driving and traffic when you could all just pile into an air-conditioned bus together for about the same cost?

I pray for a miracle to happen in the coming weeks that will make Megabus stay. (And by "a miracle," I mean hundreds of people trying to book Megabus tickets.)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wonderful News: One Stop Mini Market Has Dairy!

I walked into the market to say hello to Felipe and as I gave him a hug I noticed that there were milk, eggs, cottage cheese, and sour cream where once there had only been fruit and fruit juices. I nearly exploded with joy and hugged Felipe all over again and I'm sure I overwhelmed him a bit with my happiness. I had to take a picture, but in my excitement, I was unable to take a proper photograph.

I haven't had eggs or milk in my refrigerator regularly for months, and this is truly huge for me. It's a quality-of-life issue, really.

One Stop has been open for at least eight months and their license and their suppliers just came through. Gotta love bureaucracy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Write To The City

I've been doing a lot of gallivanting lately, from LA to Long Beach to San Francisco (Long Beach via the Blue Line, SF via and that is why I haven't posted in over a week. I will have more substantial posts as I finish recovering from being away. For now, an event announcement:

Write To The City, "LA's First Writers' Slam on Gentrification," which will be held on May 29th.

The lineup of writers is exciting (and includes Nina Revoyr) and the subject matter is compelling. Gentrification is a complicated issue and I look forward to hearing what presenters and attendees have to say.