Monday, May 19, 2008

Hang In There, Megabus!

Utterly horrible news: is making moves to stop service out of Los Angeles.

This news is particularly devastating to me because Megabus made it affordable for me to pay frequent visits to dear friends in San Francisco-- I've used Megabus twice since finding out about it in February and was planning on using it again for a trip in June. The most recent LA Times article states that Megabus will be abandoning Los Angeles altogether on June 22nd. (How am I supposed to get to Pride!?)

I wish that Megabus would just hold out a little bit longer and give Angelenos more time to get with the program. My last venture to the Bay Area cost $22.50 roundtrip. Yes, there is always the possibility of carpooling, but why cram into a car and force one of your friends to cope with driving and traffic when you could all just pile into an air-conditioned bus together for about the same cost?

I pray for a miracle to happen in the coming weeks that will make Megabus stay. (And by "a miracle," I mean hundreds of people trying to book Megabus tickets.)


  1. Yeah i with you on this one.
    I didn't even get a chance to sample it. I wanted to go to San Diego,San Francisco and Las Vegas too.
    I was hoping they would be the "southwest" or bus service.

    I think may be the company is at fault for not investing enough money for advertising and to hang in there. It does take time to launch any business.
    But ultimately the high cost of gas was the nail on the coffin :(
    I guess I will have to rely on Amtrak or heaven forbid...Greyhound

  2. i tried today. and there was no service! i am sad too!