Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ride Against Hate: A Moving Rally Against CA Props 4, 6 & 8

Updated Ride Info:

Meet at 10:30AM, Flag Poles in front of Admin Building, UCI
End: ~1:30PM, Irvine Spectrum
Distance: ~7 miles.

This is a much much much easier route than I had originally planned, so I hope more of you will try to come!

Don't forget to bring water and lights if you plan on biking back to UCI in the evening.

I encourage the bikeless folks to meet up with us at Irvine Spectrum at 1:30PM for post-ride chanting, flyering, and awareness-raising.

Metrolink Info for LA folks:

Getting here:
Take 8:45AM train to Oceanside, get off at Tustin Station (9:41AM).

Leaving the station, turn left on Edinger. Turn right at Harvard, and a right on Bridge. Continue down Bridge, turn left at the Student Center (Pereira) and you will see the Flagpoles on your right in about 80 yards.

Returning to LA:
Irvine Metrolink Station is only 2 miles from Spectrum.

We'll ride together to the station to catch the 6:22PM train to Union Station, arriving in LA at 7:36PM. Woo!

Note from Narinda:

The original (and freakishly ambitious) plan was to start at UCI and hit various shopping centers up into Orange County, ending in Westminster. Due to a shortage of co-captains and foreboding weather conditions, we decided to make a change.

The route has been cut to 7 miles, and the route is going to concentrate on Church Row (a.k.a. Alton), and we will end at Irvine Spectrum where folks will be free to fraternize/flyer/chat/eat/consume.

For those of you who were interested in coming down from LA, Irvine Spectrum is only 2 miles from the Metrolink station and there is a train to Union Station at 6:20PM. I will be taking this train home after the ride, so we can ride there together! Yay!

See you all tomorrow!!!


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