Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I only made it to the very beginning of Zero-Point Space's last show on July 19, and I somehow managed to forget my camera at home. These images were taken with my phone.


Sound control:

First act:

She's playing that guitar with a bow.

City for sale

"Opposite of War" art pieces

I would have purchased this piece if I'd had the cash. Alas.
The event started a bit late and I had to leave early, but I'm glad that I got to see Zero-Point Space one more time before Christine and Stayne leave. July 31st marks the end of their occupation of 1049 32nd Street.

If there any comparable or even vaguely art/music spaces in SoDo, please let me know. (To me, South Downtown is the area east of the 110, south of Olympic, and north of King-- I've not yet decided upon eastern border.)

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  1. I had the space for 2 years before zero=point and I'm taking it over again. I also have art shows, workshops etc. here is a link to a video of a past show I had there-
    If you want any more info on the space you can check out my site
    it will take a bit to update my site with new photos of the space, etc.
    If anyone would like to have an event or art show, etc. let me know

    zenova braeden

    want to know more about me check out myspace