Saturday, April 12, 2008

Things Are Changing: Main & 21st

I pass this building on a near-daily basis, and love it.

Dayshot, one month ago:

I once rode by at midnight from a show at Zero-Point Space and met two street artists with wheat-paste in hand, ready to add their mark to the wall. I love that something someone abandoned and can be turned into a canvas.

The new windows indicate that this building might not be such a willing canvas for much longer.

Nightshot, recently:

A larger piece on the side of the building:

Apologies for the poor use of flash; the light on my bike wasn't very effective. It is sad that guerrilla art is a casualty of gentrification.

Google's "Street View" option shows men at work on the side of the building:

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  1. Those windows have been on there for awhile now. It's like there just done?

  2. Hmm, you're right. I'm hopeful that something will be done with the place eventually.

    The doors have since been boarded up again, which is not a good sign. I would like to think that change is happening... very, very, very slowly.

  3. yeah, that building use to be very bad looking now nothing is happing. Ive seen ALOT of changes on Boadway now. I went to the new Sbarro today. Have you been yet?