I Write Things and Sometimes I Print Them

I keep an online notebook called Long Cool HallwayEvery once in a while, some of the pieces decide they want to hang out together on paper and get carried around and experience bookshelves and maybe (hopefully) a park on sunny day. So I agonize over the grooming and matchmaking process (which some people call editing), get them printed, then staple and fold them myself on various kitchen tables.

Would you like to show my chapbook(s) your bag or bookshelf or favorite sunny reading spot?

of cities and lovers

My newest collection of poems & stories
Released into the wild on 17 July 2012
36 pages

Go here to read the poem that gave me the title.

$6.25 (includes shipping & handling)
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My first chapbook, Tracing Steps (March 2010) is available through Blacklava for $7.50.

 of cities and lovers
Tracing Steps

Get both of my chapbooks in one cozy little envelope.

*If shipping outside the US, please contact me before ordering